Not so random thoughts
The snow melts. The clouds clear. The goal is in sight.


One of the greatest opportunities we have is to share ourselves and help others to be their best. With everything we say and do, we influence the people we care about.

Believe in Them. Have faith in their talents even when they donít fully believe in themselves.

Encourage Them: "You can do it. I know you can." Sincere encouragement goes a long way to help someone stay the course.

Expect a Lot: Require more than is thought capable. Rising to the challenge enables us to see further.

Challenge Them: Remind people of their commitment to being their best.

Ask Good Questions: Cause people to think. Let them come up with solutions. Theyíll appreciate it.

Tell the Truth: And tell it with compassion. You may be the only person who can or will say what needs to be said.

Be a Role Model: Donít think that people arenít watching you. They are. Weíre all role models to someone so letís be good ones.

Acknowledge Them: When we acknowledge the good deeds of others, they tend to do more of them. Write a note. Send a card. Give them a call. Praise them in front of others.

Share Yourself: Especially your failures. If we hold back, we deprive others of our experience, our learning and our humanity.

Spend Time With Them: We love what we give our time to. Invest time in your relationships; itís what life is made of.